День Балтийского моря/Baltic Sea Day

2019 (english version)

XX Anniversary International Environmental Forum

Baltic Sea Day

21-22 March 2019 Saint-Petersburg (Russia)


On March 21-22, 2019, representatives of the Baltic countries will gather in Saint-Petersburg (Russia) for the 20th time to exchange experiences, discuss the achieved results and future plans, moreover ways of reaching the ambitious goals in conservation and protection of the Baltic Sea environment.

The Agenda of the Forum is going to be focused on Sustainable development for the Baltic Sea – future outlook and updating of the Baltic Sea action plan and contribution to the UN SDGs 2030.

Agenda of the XX Anniversary International Environmental Forum "Baltic Sea Day"

We kindly ask to contact the Organizing Committee regarding registration and visa issues.

The agenda of the 2019 Forum traditionally reflects current environmental trends and address the issue of sustainable development for the Baltic Sea, the Baltic Sea Action Plan and its update, as well as contributions to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development. It is elaborated together with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation, HELCOM Secretariat and Committee for Nature Use, Environmental Protection and Ecological Safety of St. Petersburg, and will include expert day (21st of March) with round tables and panel discussions and solemn day (22nd of March) with plenary session and awarding ceremony. Regional Nutrient Recycling Strategy to reduce nutrient inputs to and eutrophication of the Baltic Sea will be specifically addressed in panel discussions in the frame of the plenary session. Other topics such as nature conservation, cooperation for shipping pollution reducing, fisheries in the Baltic Sea, environmental consequences of physical damage to the sea floor, marine litter are in the Forum programme (expert day).

Programmes of the round tables and work seminars

1. Gulf of Finland expert group meeting (by invitation)


2. Practical discussion on potential solution to enhance P-recycling in the waste water sector with support by BSR Water platform project


3. Baltic Sea cooperation to reduce environmental impact of shipping through innovative experience


4. Marine litter


5. Nature conservation in the Baltic Sea region (devoted to the memory of Mr. Rustam Sagitov)


6. Rural settlements and agricultural producers on the way to protect water resources / Ecosystem approach in river basin management and public role in water conservation and adaptation to climate change


7.  Gulf of Finland Trilateral Co-ordination committee  (by invitation)


8. Session on Maritime Spatial Planning implementation in BSR


9. Union of the Baltic Cities (UBC) Working meeting (by invitation)


10. Environmental consequences of physical damage to the sea floor, coastal erosion and protection, climate change effect and sustainable management of the coastal zone


11. Fisheries, aquaculture and conservation of fish stock


12.  Improved management of industrial waste waters in the Baltic Sea Region with focus on Russia. Expert seminar by Project BEST – Better Efficiency for Industrial Sewage Treatment


13. Meeting of the Russian national subcommittee of the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme


Moreover the Expert day will be ended with the Concert of the Baltic Sea Philharmonic in the frame of the Anniversary Baltic Sea Day Forum at the beautiful throne room of the Catherine Palace with support of Nord Stream 2 AG as main sponsor of the concert. Guests of the Forum can expect the most magnificent concert of the spring which goes beyond limits and conventions!

We would like to pay your attention that the traditional section devoted to the environmental education and awareness will be organized in the frame of the business events «Ecology in Big city».

Please, send your questions and proposals to contact persons of the BSD Forum Organising Committee: Ms. Natalia Bobyleva – bobyleva@helcom.ru, Ms. Svetlana Tochanskaya – svetlana@helcom.ru 



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