День Балтийского моря/Baltic Sea Day

2021 (English version)

 XXI International Environmental Forum "Baltic Sea Day"

Dates - 23-24 of March 2021.

Place: Russia, Saint-Petersburg

Meeting of the Organizing Committee of the International Environmental Forum “Baltic Sea Day” was held on December 17, 2020.

At the moment, the most likely format seems to be a hybrid one, however, there is still some uncertainty due to the possibility of tightening restrictions in connection with COVID-2019. Nevertheless participation of foreign experts is expected with the maximum possible involvement in discussions and presentations.

The draft program of the Forum was presented and supported by the Heads of Delegations of HELCOM, who met at a regular meeting on December 7-8, 2020. The relevance and variety of issues included in the agenda of the forum was noted. The panel discussion on the implementation of the HELCOM Baltic Sea Action Plan is being worked out from the point of view of a region-wide process of updating this document and its subsequent implementation until 2030. Thus, within the framework of the round table program on hazardous substances, it is planned to present the results of a 2-year implementation of the Envitox and HAZLESS projects, and the session on the topic of marine spatial planning will be supplemented with presentations on the experience in this area of ​​the countries of the Black Sea region.

Attention was also paid to the round table on adaptation to climate change, taking into account the process of developing the Agenda 2030 for 80 cities of the Union of the Baltic Cities, and current trends in Russia, which are reflected in the draft order of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia on the approval of methodological recommendations and targets for adaptation to climate change.

The general program of the Forum is in the process of being finalized and updated in accordance with the current situation and all the requirements for ensuring the regime for combating coronavirus infection. Registration for the Forum is planned to open from December 25, 2020 with the possibility of choosing the preferred format of participation - online connection or personal presence in the premises of the Expoforum Exhibition and Convention Center in compliance with current security requirements. A registration link will be posted in the appropriate section of the site and sent by e-mail to participants from previous years.

Please, send questions and proposals to the Organizing Committee at bsd_helcom@gmail.com

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